What makes you happy?  It's a simple enough question, and depending on who you asked, the answer could be one word or one million words.  The question "What IS your happy?" is a little different though.

YouTube user ZeFrank1 puts together a pretty introspective look on what is his happy.

The thought that the things that make you happy collected together can actually define 'happy' for you is so simple that it's hard to believe nobody has said it before.

So let's start a list of what makes each of us happy and I bet two things will happen.

A.  You will undoubtedly find yourself in a better mood when you are done.

B.   We will all be surprised at how many things we have in common when it comes to what makes us happy.

I'll start off the list and you comment below with five things that make you happy.

1. A smile from one of my kids that comes without doing anything

2. Taking two dribbles, pulling up and nailing a jumper with someone right in my face.

3. The smell of new shoes

4. The feeling of new socks.

5. When the perfect song comes on the radio unexpectedly