In a poll done by, the thing that most people said would make them happy was an extra $50,000 a year!

Since that probably isn't likely, they compiled the rest of the answers to come up with the list of seven habits that can make you happier.

It's fairly ironic that the number one thing on the list is absolutely free.

#1.) Taking Naps. It's not always an option unless you work at Google, Ben & Jerry's or Nike, where they allow it.  But more and more research shows that a 10-minute nap every day, or every other day can make you happier in general.

--If you can't take a nap, just resting your brain helps.  Go for a walk, listen to music, meditate or just sit back with your eyes closed.

#2.)  Planning Vacations Two Months in Advance. Maybe you've heard this, but a 2010 study of nearly 1,000 people showed that once you get back from vacation, your happiness level plummets.

--But if you start planning your NEXT one, it goes back up, and can boost your mood for a full eight weeks.  And you should also plan out your social activities four days in advance.

#3.)  Making Lists. Writing down your goals, even DAILY goals can affect your happiness in a big way.  Research has shown that staying busy, making a list, and crossing things off it make a big difference.

--Just make sure your goals are realistic, and don't have TOO MANY.

#4.)  Exercising Every Day. This one's pretty simple:  It creates a routine, which is good.  Once it stops making you sore, it makes you feel healthier, which generally makes you happier.

#5.)  Trying New Hobbies. It gives you a chance to set new goals and meet new people.  Ideally, you should try a new hobby every three months.

#6.)  Getting Enough Sunlight. Experts suggest getting at least 30 minutes of sunlight every day so you don't develop 'seasonal affective disorder.'

#7.)  Having Sex Regularly. A 2004 survey of 16,000 people found that when people went from having sex once a month to having sex once a WEEK, their happiness level went up significantly.