Joseph took his three daughters to Walmart to cash a check, and thought it was going to be a normal trip until he got home and the police were waiting for him.

What did he do to warrant a visit from the police?  That's the same question that Joseph and his wife Keana are still trying to figure out, but it's clear that it has to do with the fact that Joseph is white and Keana is black.

A customer apparently alerted Walmart security that Joseph and the girls 'didn't fit.'  They were worried that since Joseph and his daughters were not the same skin tone, that he must have abducted them.  Walmart security then called the police and the officers followed Joseph home where they questioned him.

The Officer took both parents ID's and asked the kids to point to their parents.  After the kids pointed to Joseph and Keana, the officer apologized and left, but the situation was far from over.  They called Walmart only to be told by security that it was a customer who raised the flag and not the security.

Needless to say, the family will not be shopping at Walmart again.

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