After being mauled viciously by two dogs back in October, 9-year-old Hunter Heater is getting a Christmas he'll never forget thanks to the White Lake Police Department.

Hunter Heater's Tragic Story

On October 13, Hunter was playing at a friends house in White Lake Township when he was attacked and mauled by two big dogs. The attack left Hunter with 75 lacerations and a fractured skull. This poor little guy had to get more than 200 stitches and 40 staples.

When you watch the video below, it's almost as if nothing had happened at all. Hunter seems so happy and full of life. I'm sure that's only how it appears on the outside though as he still has a long road to recovery.

Rachel Heater (Mother):

He just kept asking if he was going to die? And I said no you are not going to die. And he is like no I'm going to die.

Just thinking about a child asking their parent if they're going to die, absolutely breaks my heart.

Here's How the White Lake Police Department Are Helping the Heater Family

According to WXYZ, every year the White Lake Police Department run an initiative called 'No Shave November,' and through the program, the officers give an adopted family the best Christmas ever.

This year they picked the Heater family and will provide Christmas dinner for them and basically whatever else they can do to help. Their biggest goal is to try and take the burden of Christmas off the family.

Lt. Matthew Ivory of the White Lake Police Department:

Our biggest goal in adopting them was to take the burden of Christmas and trying to give their family a Christmas in the wake of this tragedy, take that burden off of them so that they can focus on him and his recovery.


Here's How You Can Help

You can contribute to this amazing cause by donating money at the White lake police station, or through the White Lake Police Foundation's PayPal account.

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