We asked you who your favorite celebrities are that came from Michigan.  Here are your answers.

The list below is based on suggestions and votes from our audience on Twitter, Facebook and TicTok.  In other words, it's not exactly a scientific study as much as a popularity contest.  Some of these celebrities (actors, singers, comedians and athletes) were born in the mitten state while others where just raised in Michigan.  Let's get into it starting with #25 and counting our way down to the most popular celebrity from Michigan.

25 Biggest Celebrities from Michigan

I'm a little surprised that Dax Shepard wasn't higher on the list.  I think he and I should be best friends.  I was also surprised that almost nobody voted for Robin Williams, Sinbad and Smokey Robinson.  Michigan has really turned out some amazing icons.  Who do you think is missing from the top 25 above?

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