One of the original Kings of Comedy "Cedric The Entertainer" is on his way to Detroit for what is guaranteed to be a packed show!

You can click here to get registered for a pair of tickets to go see him at Soundboard inside the Motor City Casino on January 22nd!

You can't mention Cedric without bringing up arguably the most important comedy tour in the last couple of decades, the Kings of Comedy tour. It's a shame that we haven't had another tour or even a new age Kings of a Comedy tour. Some people including myself do feel like the original lineup could have been better.

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Granted after watching some of the behinds the scenes clips you start to realize the massive effort it took to put together such a legendary tour, but everyone has their favorite and we can all say some kings are funnier than others.  Who is your favorite king of comedy? I'll admit Bernie Mac would have to be my choice. When I say I was literally in physical pain from listening to his silly ass, it sucks that we lost him a few years back. Who's yours? I've included some videos below to help you remember how funny that tour really was.

Bernie Mac: Without a doubt my favorite King of Comedy 


Cedric The Entertainer: The most underrated King Of Comedy


Steve Harvey: The Nick Cannon out of the group.


D.L. Hugley: Well, he has a radio show now...


I have nothing but respect for all the original kings. But everybody has their favorites. Who's yours?

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