Little Caesars Arena has given no official reason for the change, but we you can be sure it's not because the red seats were getting too much wear and tear.

The Arena is only a couple of years old, but LCA officials suddenly feel the need to replace the red seats with black seats throughout the entire arena.

The reason that no one has officially put on record is that the red seats showcase how empty the arena is during games.

Chicago Blackhawks v Detroit Red Wings
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The anticipation would be that with the Wings and Pistons both playing downtown, that the people would come in droves.

The problem is that neither team is very good right now, and the fact that the arena itself has some major issues.

Indana Pacers v Detroit Pistons
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I want everyone reading this to take a minute and mull over this logic.

People are not coming to LCA to watch games for a number of reasons. Instead of addressing those reasons, let's change the seat color so it's not so noticeable that no one is there.

Makes perfect sense right?!

I'm going to use this crazy thing I like to call "common sense" and suggest a few changes that might work better than changing the color of every seat in the arena.

1. Lower the ticket prices.

I'm not talking about in the pre-season or late in the season when the team has no chance of going to the playoffs. I'm talking about the middle of the season, for everyone. If a family of four plans on going to a game and wants to buy anything extra, you're well over $200.

2. Improve the parking

I do have to give LCA some credit for this. The first two years of events meant overpaying for a parking spot that was at least four blocks away. They have worked to build parking lots closer to the arena, but Michigan in December is cold!

3. Mountain climbing equipment for the upper bowl

Have you been fortunate enough to sit in the upper deck of LCA? If so, you know that you need a Sherpa and nerves of steel to make it back and forth to your seat. The vertigo is REAL when you finally do get to the top. At least LCA designers were kind enough to put TV's in the back of the bungalow suites that are directly in your line of site.

*It should be noted that these are the seats that the family of four from #1 will be able to afford if they would like to stay in the $200 range for their night out.

4. Improve the product

If you are going to charge top dollar for tickets, food, and merch at least make the playoffs.

I know that none of these suggestions will be taken into consideration, but I feel better by putting them out there. I do have one last idea that the braintrust at LCA might actually use though if it's not too late.

Instead of using black seats, they could make them that neon green that is used in film production green screens. That way they can just superimpose people in the seats any time they wanted.

One thing I do know for sure is that you're going to be able to get a great deal on red stadium seats very soon if you're in the market.

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