Expect to see some snowfall and some seriously cold temperatures tonight that will potentially drag out until Thursday afternoon.

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Temperatures are forecast to fall to the 20s on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.


This has prompted a freeze watch that will go into effect for parts of Lower Michigan, including Gratiot County, at 8 p.m. Tuesday and last until 11 a.m. Thursday.

Any advisory that suggests freezing with snow you can expect to see wildness on the roads. Especially on these highway ramps in Michigan. I almost treat it like a game now. I try and count up how many cars spin off the highway ramps every year. Last year I personally saw a total of 5 in one winter! Now, that's me personally seeing the crash but I'm sure the amount of car crashes that happen last year due to slippery roads in Michigan is a crazy amount.

The chance of rain and snow will become a chance for all snow Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. Forecast models suggest that an inch or two of snow could accumulate near the I-69 corridor, with lesser amounts northward. Any snow would collect first on cooler surfaces, including grass, overpasses and parked cars. Source:NBC25.com

Drive safe these next few days!

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