Pro Tip: If you're going to do drugs, do them at home. Don't do them in front of thousands of people with smartphones.

Drugs are bad. Really bad. Drugs make you do stupid stuff like for example snorting them at a baseball game with thousands of people around. Not only can people see you doing drugs in public, but you could end up like this woman and be put on blast for the entire world to see.

MMA fighter Derrick Lewis caught this woman snorting cocaine at a Astros baseball game and decided to share it with the entire world by posting it on his social media account. So you're probably wondering, what was her excuse? According to her it was nasal spray. Right...because you use a key and a little baggie with white substance to clear your nose? I guess that is a form of nasal decongestant. I was going to put in the title of this video "Pregnant Woman Does Cocaine At Astros Game" but 1. I can't confirm if she is indeed pregnant and 2. I think she's been shamed enough by every single person who has watched this video.


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