Remember back in January when we shared the video of the car flying through the air, over an expressway overpass near Dorr, Michigan? Well, we now know what got this dude all fired up to make that wicked jump.

Chandler Cockerham originally said that he fell asleep behind the wheel of his car. He said that he had been drinking earlier and had a couple of mixed drinks and a six pack of beer and then slept for four hours. We now know that wasn't the full story.

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According to Wood TV, court documents filed earlier this month show Cockerham had cocaine in his system. Yup, he was all coked up when he made that sweet Dukes of Hazard jump.

I don't mean sound like I'm laughing about a situation that could have ended in tragedy but I am. If the dude was killed or something, it wouldn't be so funny, but he wasn't. He did have a deep cut on his head but nothing too serious.

Video of the incident was captured by a camera at a nearby business and it shows Cockerham’s car drive up the dirt embankment at the 142nd Avenue exit and fly over the overpass, landing on the other side.

The video below shows exactly what happened. However, a little theme song was added to really give it that Dukes of Hazard vibe.

You have to admit, that jump was pretty impressive.

Chandler Cockerham is facing a charge of operating a vehicle with the presence of a controlled substance.

This Duke boy will be charged with a misdemeanor.

Dorr, Michigan is located just south of Grand Rapids.

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