Brad Pitt stars in the new zombie blockbuster called World War Z but the company behind the movie is gonna be offering Mega tickets which cost 50 bucks!  With this economy, good luck with that.


Steven Spielberg and George Lucas recently foretold a film industry "meltdown," with big-budget films having to sustain themselves by charging $50-$150 for movie tickets. Well, maybe these two famous directors should open up a psychic business together because lo and behold, Paramount is offering $50 "mega tickets" to "World War Z." Your "mega-ticket" will guarantee you admission on opening night to a 3D viewing, your very own "custom" 3D glasses, a download or stream of the movie when it's released to video, an official limited-edition movie poster — and a small popcorn. What, you thought $50 would get you a large? [Source]


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