We live in a strange time my friends and we need to be ready for anything.

Not too long ago I was made aware of the fact that the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a Zombie Preparedness and Response Plan. As I looked it up, I realized two things. First, it is more of a tongue-in-cheek article on their website. Second, their plan, if it were real, just plain sucks and will get you killed in the zombie apocalypse.

For some reason, the CDC plan annoyed me and got me thinking about the real deal. Personally having seen almost every episode of 'The Walking Dead' and all the 'Resident Evil' movies so I feel I'm ready for when the world finally goes off the deep end.

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So below I have compiled a list of things that I feel would be key to survive the zombie apocalypse in Michigan. We have a great terrain to defend ourselves, plenty of hunting and fishing options, and a lot of great Michigan beers and booze. I feel if you prepare for the craziness with this list in mind, you have a great chance of surviving.

So if you agree, be sure to find me when the zombies come and we will all make it out alive. If you disagree, we will be coming for you. So hide your kids, hide your wife, etc...

The beginning of the list is what I added to the CDC's plan. The no-brainers at the bottom are what the CDC suggests.

Final disclaimer...yes, I know this is stupid, but I often spend way too much time thinking about things that will never happen just to avoid thinking about real life, which honestly, is not that far from the zombie apocalypse. Enjoy a small peek into my messed-up brain.

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