Over the weekend, YG told one fan to hop off the stage after the fan refused to say "Fuck Donald Trump" in front of a packed audience at the 2019 Mala Luna Music Festival in San Antonio, Texas. Unsurprisingly that didn't sit well with Donald Trump's White House.

On Monday (Oct. 28), White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham offered a sarcastic response to Fox News' question about the incident. "Another example of the tolerant left," she said.

The event that led to the White House's response began when the California rapper called on a fan from the crowd to come up on stage and shout "Fuck Donald Trump." YG had the fan come up on stage just before he performed his Nipsey Hussle-assisted 2016 anti-Trump song, "FDT."

"I don’t know if I want to shake your hand yet," YG told the fan while he was onstage. "Listen, I spotted you out in the crowd. I asked you if you fuck with Donald Trump. You said you don’t know. So, since you don’t know, I need you to make up your mind tonight… Because I know your mama, your daddy, your grandmama, your grandfather is watching, I want you to state your name and go ‘Fuck Donald Trump.’"

After the fan declined to utter the phrase, YG kicked him off the stage and seemingly asked for him to be removed from the show.

This isn't the first time YG has called a fan up to the stage to say the phrase. He also pulled the same stunt during his time on the Legendary Nights tour. Some fans have played along and adhered to YG's request, but clearly, the latest fan to hit the stage wasn't too sure about repeating the lyric.

Watch what happened onstage below.

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