YK Osiris admits he was a class clown in school. As a freshman roaming the halls in Jacksonviille, Fla., the 19-year-old singer reveals he wasn't always on his best behavior. “I was goofy, you know? I was the class clown," he shares. "I’m the one that was throwing paper in the class and stuff."

The newly-minted 2019 XXL Freshman may have found himself in some trouble here and there for his antics, but he never let his grades suffer. "I got straight As and Bs," YK Osiris says. "I was very smart, but I was the one that be giggling and laughing when the teacher be talking and stuff.”

Now he combines his school smarts and clever quips for some fast-action word association for XXL's ABCs series. To start things off, YK picks the word appalled for the letter A to describe his mood at the moment. He's also feeling "amazed" and "shocked." Up next, one of his musical influences gets a shout-out for the letter B. "Bruno Mars, very talented, legend," the "Valentine" singer declares. "Legendary, for the culture. I love him." The crooner also shows some love to Chris Brown when it comes to C. "Very talented, know how to dance his behind off, like do everything," he continues.

Based off the more than 2 million people who follow YK Osiris across social media or those that watched his "Worth It" video, which has been viewed more than 47 million times on YouTube, it's evident the rising crooner has a solid fan base. But do they know what YK stands for? "Young King," he states for the letter K. "My name is Young King. And I'm a king. My teacher gave me that name and I ran with that." And for O, YK Osiris gives the uninformed a lesson in his government name. "Osiris, that's my name," the Def Jam signee confirms. "It means powerful, strong, Greek." In ancient Egyptian mythology, Osiris ruled as king of Egypt.

Watch up top to learn more about what 2019 XXL Freshman YK Osiris thinks of his Jacksonville stomping grounds, the name of his new dog and his nod to Kodak Black in XXL's ABCs.

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