YNW Melly was all smiles when he entered the courtroom for his hearing.

On Thursday morning (July 11), the Florida rapper, who has been behind bars in Broward County Jail since February, appeared in court to officially add a few lawyers to his defense team ahead of his upcoming trial. In a video posted to his Instagram timeline, Melly can be seen walking into the Broward County courtroom with a familiar grin on his face. The "Murder on My Mind" rapper didn't seem fazed by the proceedings and was seen laughing with his lawyers.

"I’ll be home soon. I’m smiling because God is with me - Melly 🌎🙏🏾✨ #innocent #icee," Melly wrote in a caption for his Instagram post.

Melly has done a good job at keeping his head up since he was arrested earlier this year. The 20-year-old rapper was apprehended by police in January after he was slapped with a double murder charge for the deaths of his friends YNW Sakchaser and YNW Juvy. Since then, Melly has spent the past five months behind bars as he waits for his case to go to trial.

If convicted, Melly could face the death penalty. Back in June, the family of Anthony Williams, who was known as YNW Sakchaser, told TMZ that they definitely support the state's decision.

"If the state of Florida feels the death penalty is warranted in this case then we 100 percent fully support it. YNW Melly should feel the exact fear and panic he so viciously and consciously brought upon his innocent victims," a rep for the family attorney said.

Watch the clip of YNW Melly at his court hearing below.

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