If you're ready to ditch ordinary, boring hotel rooms and stay someplace unique, consider sleeping among the llamas in one of these four Airbnb properties in Sawyer, Michigan. Sawyer is in Michigan's Southwest corner, about 15 miles from the Indiana border.

OK, sleeping among the llamas is a bit of an exaggeration. You and your family would be sleeping inside, and the llamas would be sleeping outside - but all four houses are located on a working llama farm and they range from 'cozy cabin' to 'luxurious farmhouse.'

It's a Working Llama Farm

Robert is the Airbnb host and we love his honesty: (We've edited his description only for spelling and clarity.)

There could be some dust or even some cobwebs, as I do my best to dust and spray for anything. I live in all of the units and I have family members come a lot, so I want to keep it bug-free and clean. Once again, it's a WORKING Llama farm, and sometimes you'll have these unexpected things. If a bug or spider web freaks you out, maybe this is not your adventure.


All Four Properties Have Access to the Llama Farm

  • The Chicken Coop is the least expensive house at $135 per night. It's an efficiency suite that sleeps two.
  • The Red Barn features a king-size bed and sleeps three. There are two fireplaces and an efficiency kitchen.
  • The Loft Cottage also sleeps three and comes with a breathtaking view of the llama pasture.
  • If you're looking for all the comforts of home - except cable - you'll feel right at home in the Farm House. This gorgeous home sleeps five and features two bathrooms and a full kitchen.

Keep reading to see a few pictures of each one - and we included some pictures of the llamas too.


Check Out These Four Houses on a Working Llama Farm in Michigan

Ditch the dull hotel room and check out this working llama farm in Sawyer Michigan.

These four Airbnb properties range from 'cozy cottage' all the way up to luxurious farmhouse. We've included a few pictures of each and some pictures of the llamas too. Because llams are awesome!

Here they are in order of cost per night:

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