I gotta be honest, this 'flip phone challenge' doesn't seem like such a tough one to me because one of my most favorite cell phones that I've ever used was a Samsung flip phone. Anyway, here's the deal regarding the 'flip phone challenge'. A company in Utah, is offering $1,000 to the "ideal candidate" who is brave enough to use a flip phone only for one week as part of their "Flip Phone Challenge".

According to the company website, here are some of things you'll have to do if you're picked:

  • You’ll be responsible for using a flip phone in place of your smartphone for seven full days
  • You'll have to keep a log of your experience including how long it takes you to do basic tasks such as texting and checking email, how many times you wish you could Google something, how many hours you slept, how your productivity changed and more

Click here to find out more and to fill out an application. (And, of course, you have to let us know if you get picked!)


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