If you've been wanting to see Hamilton but can't get over the ticket prices, then the digital lottery is for you.

Hamilton is coming to the Fisher Theater March 12th through April 21st, and I was dying to get my hands on some tickets. Unfortunately I might not be willing to give up a non-vital organ to pay for them. I know I'm not alone when I say I was shocked at how much the tickets are for performances around the country.

Don't lose hope yet though because there is an ongoing digital lottery to get tickets for just $10 (yes Hamilton is on the Ten Dollar Bill).

The lottery opens up at 11am, two days before each performance and closes at 9am the day before the show.

You can register by using the Hamilton App or on the digital lottery site here. The cool thing is that they are having the lottery for all of the performances around the country. So if you plan on being in Chicago during the run, you can register to get $10 tickets for the Chicago show.

Just know that you have to be 18 to enter, and can only purchase a pair of tickets through the lottery.


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