Youth, Pee Wee, Pop Warner are names that are all synonymous with entertainment.  It's amazing that any of these kids actually grow up wanting to play football after watching what they go through on the youth field.  Everything from fanatical parents to over-hype coaches, and that one kid who is way bigger than everyone else.  Youth football is a little more serious, and a lot more entertaining than you would think.

A Rough Start:

If this had been the start of my young football career, I would have turned in my helmet and pads that day.

This kid might go on to become the best football player of all time, but if it were me on the ground, it would have been game over.

Cam Figures It Out:

The young man to watch in this video is named Cameron, he is playing for the white team, and wears number 13.

Cam learns at an early age that playing football against kids twice your size is not fun.

Cam is smart though, and much to his loud dads dismay, has figured out how to handle the bigger blockers that the other team runs his way.

Even When You Win, You Lose:

So let's pretend for a minute that you figure it all out.  You find the ball, pick it up, run the right way, avoid getting tackled and finally score a touch down.

You've done it!

You've reached the peak of youth football!

That is until a teammate comes to celebrate with you and gives you a season ending injury.

The Post Game Conference:

After the game is over is a perfect time for the parents to gather and talk about the real important issues of the game.

It's a time when cool heads rule the conversation, and nobody ever, EVER loses their temper.

I honestly can't think of one time (in the last 5 minutes) that I've seen some sideline mom or dad flip out, only to embarrass their child.  It just doesn't happen that often.

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