I know that they're doing a great thing here, but there's no way I could do this in public. Yes, it's important to get your prostate examined, but not while people are casually walking by.

YouTube pranks usually go like this...

1. Do something outrageous to someone in public.

2. Hope they freak out.

3. Say its a prank over and over again.

4. Post to YouTube and try to profit off of views.

Now I understand it's funny to watch people freak out over a prank, but most of these pranks do nothing to benefit others. It's all about being a jerk and profiting off of the views. These guys are different though, because their prank is actually raising money for prostate cancer research. Now just because I'm complementing them doesn't mean you'd ever catch me doing this. I understand the concept, but I'd rather get my check up at the hospital, not in the public eye.

Side Note: I think the old guy really enjoyed his exam. His every could of months comment had me rolling.