Let's start with a quick explanation of what Zorbing is for everyone that might not be familiar.  People sit inside a huge inflatable ball and roll down a hill until coming to a stop and throwing up everywhere.  So now that you're caught up you are probably asking, "What could go wrong?"  In a word . . . everything.

I'm guessing that this video was filmed in Russia, but honestly I have no idea.  I do know that if it's real and not just some promo video that clever marketing people have put together, it's pretty disturbing.

Two friends loaded up, ready for some Zorbing fun, roll down the ski hill.  When they hit the bottom and ricochet off course things get serious.  The camera man is too far away to tell exactly what happens, but the last thing we see is the Zorb heading for a mountain cliff.

Just to be clear here, if this video is real it is disturbing and probably not for everyone.