Texana Hollis is 101 years old, and has lived in her Detroit home for the last 58 years.  That is until she came home to find most of her belongings thrown in the dumpster outside and an eviction notice on the door.

Apparently Texana has a 58 year old son named Warren Hollis who has known about the pending eviction for a while now.  He did not want to tell his mother though, because he didn't have the heart to deliver the bad news.

What might be most shocking though is what the Wayne County Treasurer had to say about the whole thing.

David Szymanski told The Associated Press on Tuesday that the Hollises took out an adjustable-rate mortgage in 2002. A default and foreclosure notice was filed in November.

"They ended up owing $80,000 on the home," Szymanski said. "Warren indicates he did not make the payments. He got the notices, but threw them away.  The teachable moment here is for people not to stick their head in the sand"

Did he just say the "teachable moment"?

I realize that they obviously didn't pay their bill, and her bonehead son left the county with no other choice, but teachable?!

Texana is 101 years old!  The only thing they've taught people is how to be mad at them!

Luckily Texana and her son are staying in a neighbors rental house until a solution can be resolved.  Check out the report from WXYZ.