The Mega Millions Jackpot is at a record high projected to be just over 500 Million dollars for Fridays drawing.  If nobody wins it again this week, they may have to start making up numbers . . . like eleventy-bagillion for example.

The odds aren't in favor of winning, but I figure there is still a chance so I should have a plan.  So I have put together a list of the five Flint buildings I would buy if I won the jackpot.

1. The Genesee Towers (pictured above)

I have no idea what I would do with the towers once I owned them, but it couldn't be worse than what is being done with it now.  I think the plan right now is to have someone stand outside for 10 minutes every day and just hope as hard as they can, that the building will fall.  Here are a few pipe dream ideas that I am debating:

Indoor water park, World's biggest haunted house, Flint Tower Of History, Laser Tag.

2. Flint Central High School

This building is literally a castle, and would cost the rest of my winnings to maintain . . . but it would definitely be worth it.  I might even consider building a moat around it and getting a dragon.

3. The Dort Mall

If you are wondering why I would buy the Dort Mall, you obviously have never been inside of it.  I realize that this might not be the most fiscally wise purchase since the malls anchor store is 'Big Lots', but I don't care.  The fact is that The Dort Mall has more awesome per square inch than any building in Genesee County.

4. The Capitol Theater

If I owned the Capitol, I would probably start to wear a cape and hide out in the rafters.  When it was eventually fixed up and shows would come through, I would swing down in the middle and scare the crowd.

5. Longway Planetarium

This is a no brainer, I need somewhere to watch TV.  When you are a "half-a-billionaire", big screens just wont do.