As men we are not built to understand the mind of a woman. However over time there has been self help books to be released for that sole purpose: the breakdown and anatomy of relationships with women.

I am no Steve Harvey, Dr. Phil or Oz, nor do I have a degree in women's study. I do believe I know the basics of knowing a woman, just enough for you to know if she likes you. Sounds weird doesnt it, who am I to tell you about women I have no tv show, book, or youtube channel.

If you feel that way I wish you luck, but if you are tired of embarrassing yourself by moving to fast or missing out by not being aware then read on buddy, short and simple the 5 Ways to Know if A Girl Likes You

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    This my 'BOO'

    The number one way to know if a woman or girl likes you is how she embraces you. When you two lock eyes it should be chemistry and if she feels it, you will feel it after she gets down squeezing you like a teddy bear.

    Also she wants to be more than a friend she will not describe you as 'my friend,'  she will prefer something more embracive and hashtag friendly like #MyNewBoo

    Depending on how you act and what you do, this has already been determined in her mind, so its up to you to live up to the standards or defeat the odds.

    WARNING: DO NOT think by calling her 'Boo,' she will call you the same and mean it. 

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    Take My Car Bay

    You seen 'Baby Boy' before right? Wasn't Jody always driving Yvette car, hell he even threw some d's on that b! Well in his case some 14s, clean doe right?

    You catch my drift, when she offers her car with insurance that your probably not covered by, you are moving in the right direction.

    It might start out as a little store run or you might take her car to get washed and detailed[hint hint], but if she digs you like you think she do -- you will get the keys to the whip. Look on the bright side if you don't have a car she can't key it.

    WARNING: When you get this privilege, please remember to PUT GAS IN THE CAR and NEVER DRIVE YOUR BOYS AROUND its not a good look for the team. 

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    Look Bay, Say Cheese

    So you walk into the house and as you are pulling off your shoes you hear 'Bay' and instantly get blinded by a flash of light. Don't get upset or confused that was your misses adding to her photo collection of you.

    The offguard picture is comparison to the love tap of the 90s or that picture in the wallet you keep washing, so as long as she keeps snapping you are in good shape my friend.

    WARNING: If this girl is not 'the one,' do not give her ammo to shoot you down, when its over. 


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    Lets Go To The Mall

    Now if its one thing the average man hates more than anything else it is definitely shopping. However, when it comes to shopping women are like vultures and thats exactly why the mall is the place you want to be with the woman of your desire.

    Not only is the mall the central location for most shoppers, it is the public affection haven and when I say public affection I mean - hands interlocked, strides in rhythm, and violins in the air. So when she invites you to go shopping with her be prepared to either hold bags or hold hands.

    WARNING: NEVER invite her to the Mall unless you are prepared to spend more money on her than on you.

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    Hey Brother!

    So we made it through the early stages of titles, dates, and social media interaction- now heres the bambino. The way to a woman's heart is her family and friends.

    If she introduces you to her parents and they like you- she hates that they like you, because now they have sides to pick when you to argue.

    She probably already talks about you to her friends, so when you all meet and her friends are giggly, it is not because you have some silly picture on a screenprinted tee its because they know their girl has the 'hots' for you.

    WARNING: DO NOT and I mean DO NOT get TOO close to her FRIENDS or Family, more so friends- its a major conflict of interest. 


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