Normally when you hear about a Dolphin rescue, it has something to do with a Dolphin saving a person in the ocean.

This crazy video shows exactly the opposite, as a group of fast acting people save a pod of Dolphins who were beached in front of them.

Around 30 Dolphins total were saved in this video, and each person has described this as being a life changing experience.

My question is why did the Dolphin's end up in this situation.  They have been proven to be some of the smartest animals on Earth, so why would they do something that would definitely end with their death?

Did something disturb their sonar?  Did they decide it was time to come out of the water and kick some human ass?  Maybe there was something in the water that was driving them onto the beach.

Whatever the reason, the video is amazing and I hope the Dolphin's are all laughing about their close call.

Amazing Dolphin Rescue