We lost one of the best Chinese restaurants in the city Sunday as Canton Chinese Restaurant on Fenton Rd. was destroyed in a fire.

The good news is that no one was injured in the blaze, but it's sad to lose a great restaurant owned by even better people.

ABC12 reports that the fire may have started from a grease trap in the kitchen, and that the owners were inside when the fire started.

I have a very personal connection to Canton.  This is where Ami and I took our family to announce that we were engaged.  We would regularly order takeout from Canton, but it was always memorable when we got the chance to sit down and eat inside.

Shortly after the birth of our daughter Emerson, my family went to Canton to eat.  The owners came to our table and spent time talking about our new baby.  She even picked Emerson up out of her car seat and gave her some soup.

The food at Canton was great, but the owners are what makes this such a huge loss.  I am so thankful that nobody was hurt in the fire, and I hope that there is a chance that Canton could reopen someday.