z810 Local Flow Winnersz

Sunday Night Spotlight Ft. Nok G [Video]
Winner of the 810 Local Flow of December Nok G stops into the studio for his Spotlight.
Pulling ahead of the pack Nok G survives the local flow battle with his track 'It's Alright'.
810 Local Flow Winner of November Mama Sol [Video]
Winner of the 810 Local Flow of November Mama sol dominates the competition with her winning song 'Super Supreme'
In the interview with Mama Sol we touche on how shes more than just a rapper and you'll be surprised to find out how in depth she really is.
Justin Daye Releases ‘Blue Sky’ Video
The 810 Local Flow winner for October Justin Daye covers Common’s latest single “Blue Sky” and delivers the video. Johnny Knott directed, filmed, and produced the video.
Berzerk 810 Local Flow Winner Of October [Video]
810 Local Flow Winner of October Berzerk stops by the studio for his Sunday night spotlight.
His song "Zone" swept away the competition and won by a land slide. Now this isn't the first time that Berzerk has competed in the 810 Local Flow. This would actually be his second time…
Sunday Spotlight #1 [Video]
Sunday spotlight goes down every Sunday with your favorite jocks and if you missed it live on www.club937.com then catch it here.
Special guest Big John winner of the 810 local Flow of August drops in for an exclusive interview to talk about his music and how he got started.
Also check out his REALLY …
810 Local Flow Winner Of August Big John [Video]
810 Local Flow winner of August goes to Big John. Many stepped up that month but like highlander there can only be one. Check out this video to find out more about Big John.
Picking at his brain finding out what it takes to become a local flow winner. And what does that mean for him now. Also check o…
K Dubb Swings By A Local McDonalds [Video]
It's VIP at Mickey D's time and I hung out today at McDonald's on Ballenger HWY, hooking the first 20 people up with free value meals. They were so excited about this that they beat us there. They were in their cars and waiting outside as we pulled up. Free Food works!
810 Local Flow Winner Of June Nae Smiles [Video]
Congratulations to the 810 local flow winner of June Nae Smiles. You voted on our website www.club937.com and Nae smile came out on top as the Victor.
Now he will will be performing live July 28th at the 810 Local Show with his track that won him the 810 local show "Let's Go&q…

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