Golden Girls Gospel Remix [Video]
One thing that can make a classic TV shows so classic is the theme songs. Think about it. What do Goodtimes, All in the Family, Family Matters, Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire, Golden Girls, and the Jefferson all have in common? They all have great theme songs. This may not be the main ingredient to a hit …
Crazy Things NFL Players Say [Video]
Unfortunately it'ts about that time of year again when the National Football League (NFL) goes away until the fall unless there is some kind of scandal going on, which the NFL does not need. In just a few days the biggest sporting event in the nation will be taken place.
Grand Theft Auto-Crazy Chick [Video,NSFW]
As men we have all met that crazy chick. The odd part is everyone around us told you she was crazy but you never listened until it was too late. Looks can be deceiving and the prettier she is the more the men will try to ignore her craziness.
Joe Mande Explains the First Guy to Drink Milk [Video,NSFW]
One of my favorite things to watch is stand up comedy. As a matter of fact it is my goal to go to more stand up comedy shows.Late last year I ended up going to three different shows, Cedric the Entertainer, John Witherspoon, and one of my favorite comedians ever Marlon Wayans.
Deadpool’s Latest PSA [Video,NSFW]
When it comes to advertising it can really be a hit or miss. Everything comes into play, money, creativity, your passion, plus the customer. It seems like the production company of Fox and Marvel have pretty much hit the nail in the coffin this time.
Kid’s Funny Reaction to Cast on His Arm [Video]
It is a fact that all kids are rambunctious and full of energy. They do things with out thinking or even having an idea that there will be a consequence. In certain cases they don't have to because they are kids and they will bounce, especially when it comes to injury.
Snoop Dogg & Jimmy Kimmel-Plizzanet Earth [Video]
I need to step up my late night game because I never knew Jimmy Kimmel has a         segment with Snoop Dogg, and it is pure comedy gold! Kimmel is hands down the funniest late night talk show host and Snoop Dogg is easily the coolest/smoothest man in rap and probably the world.

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