This seems like a million years ago now, but 2 years ago my son Narls came home and told us the entire story of Thanksgiving.  It took a few Christmas bribes to get him to tell us on camera, but the finished product is more than worth it.

Narls is 6 now, and basically approaches everything with the eye for detail that he did with this Thanksgiving story. The major difference with his story 2 years ago and the way he would tell it now, is that he realizes the 'Thanks" part of Thanksgiving.

This Thanksgiving I have more than I ever have to be thankful for, but it all comes down to my family.  My wife Ami along with our kids Narls and Emerson and my oldest son Graham are the reason that I am most thankful this year.

I hope you get to have a happy, simple Thanksgiving that is surrounded by friends and family.