Diggy Simmons dropped 'What You Say To Me' yesterday, and made it very clear who the diss track was intended for.

J. Cole is clearly the target, and the track is probably in retaliation for some comments made by Cole in his song 'Grew Up Fast'.

The line that mentioned Diggy specifically said, "You n***as is not Russell / You more Diggy, me? I'm more Biggie / No diss to the young buy, I'm just rapping, get bored quickly."

Diggy addressed that along with every other Simmons family reference that may have come up.  Check out the track, the mention of Cole starts at the 2:05 mark in the song.

The most surprising thing to me is how many people are saying that this is a beef that J. Cole doesn't want.  Cole is one of the hottest new MC's out right now, and with Jay-Z on his team, it seems like he would be the clear favorite.  However, a lot of blog sites are warning that Diggy is not to be underestimated.

Diggy Simmons - 'What You Say To Me'