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With social media taking over the world the real leaders of the city are coming to light.  Check out my list of moguls doing business that stretches nationwide.

Media moguls at their best, using their talents to push others and their business in front of our display.

The definition of a mogul is a rich OR powerful person. These individuals are just that powerful influences that have paved the way for themselves to become icons. Besides a couple people I have the pleasure of knowing all of them and I can say I look up to every one of them in some sort and you should to. Rather you want to be involved in multimedia or not these are people that stand for something powerful and you need too as well.

No one has the recipe for success but everyone has a story on how they got where they are. Check out my list of local moguls and comment your thoughts on these individuals or add a name that I missed.

  • Ashley & Jaquavis Coleman

    Hamady High School Sweethearts turned New York Best Selling Authors & Power Couple Ashley & Jaquavis knew exactly what it took to be successful moguls in today's society. The message is clear in the plethora of books the two have previously published through Cash Money Records book company Cash Money Content.

    Ashley & Jaquavis were Cash Money's authors now they have their own league of extraordinary minds. The Official Writer's League, consisting of writers from various genres of literature that plan to keep our minds boggled and feigning for more.

    An aspiring writer or fan can follow them at @thenovelistalife (Ashley) & @realjaquavis (Jaquavis) and check out their website

  • Carlos Conner

    Carlos Conner is known around the city as a visionary and believer in the talents of local artists with Family Over Riches entertainment company. As an F.O.R. executive and Business Manager for 1000, Los has directed several music videos including 'Fly City' en route to the silver screen.

    With the release of urban Flint biopic '810 Trap,' Los is standing strong for his city and creating an empire of young talent to carry the torch of local music and overall entertainment in Flint and worldwide.

    To connect with Carlos Conner, follow @the_los on IG.

    Carlos Conner
  • Corey Stokes

    Corey Stokes built a name for himself as a successful fashion show coordinator and socialite with a creative edge in Flint and surrounding areas. He took his talents to NYC a few years back. Fashion talents that is, in the end creating an opportunity to work for Brooks Brothers as the head E Commerce Stylist was not an easy feat.

    Corey started as an intern then worked to contributing blogger for Complex magazine and took the NY Fashion scene by the reins by becoming Complex's Fashion assistant. Now he is a successful fashion stylist that plays a pivotal role for Brooks Brothers, talk about hard work and determination.

    Follow Corey on twitter and instagram @coreystokes and check out his portfolio

  • Dallas Martin

    Dallas Martin is definitely flying under the radar as the Senior Vice President of A & R for Atlantic Records. Yea you read it right!

    The Flint Central graduate did what it took to reach his goal, besides working as a corporate wig for Maybach Music Group and guiding the careers of the artists under MMG, Martin was the one person who believed in K. Michelle enough to sign her. I wonder how she's doing.

    You can publicly connect with Dallas Martin on IG and Twitter @dallaslifestyle


  • Don Smith

    With over 20k followers and an abundance of celebrity influences purchasing his products, Don Smith has made his name, a household brand. Before becoming a jewelry dealer, Don Smith kept the Flint and Metro Detroit entertained with over the top fashion shows and parties.

    Specializing in jewelry design known as 'Junk,' The Don Smith Collection has made its mark in the jewelry and fashion world. Stationed out of Downtown Dallas in their premier fashion district, TDSC is gaining global notoriety and it is only because of an ambitious Flint kid with a dream.

    To check out the lookbook of designs by Don Smith follow him on IG @DonTheJunkman.

  • Donyale Walton

    Donyale Walton has graced the city of Flint with fashion forward information on all platforms. Before she made the move to New York a few years back, she left us with LivLuxMag and appearances on NBC 25 Morning News show as a fashion enthusiast.

    LivLuxMag was her online magazine of informative fashion and lifestyle news and tips. Now as a Fashion Buyer for Crossroads Trading Company, she uses her expertise to determine trend forecasting and make purchases for consumer consumption in global standards.

    To connect with Donyale, follow @donifashion on IG

  • James Thigpen Jr.

    A creative genius in my opinion, James 'JT' Thigpen Jr. has graced Flint with some amazing pieces of art through paintings, graphic design, and photography.

    JT is the man who most local churches, organizations, and social groups contact for any service dealing within Art and Media. Most noted work is the work he does for famed Author, activist, and Minister Eric Thomas.

    JT to has taken his talents to NY, opening up opportunities to design for Big K.R.I.T., Wireless Audio, and so on.

    Check out his portfolio and follow him @jamesthigpenjr

  • Teresa Montgomery

    No one ever knows the women who carry trophies during the Awards Show. Theresa Lee- Montgomery is more than a trophy model  in the entertainment industry.

    She is a pioneer for any young female longing for a chance in the spotlight. Through style, grace, and a want to stand-out T Lee made her imprint back at Michigan State and took it from there. Opening doors for herself as a model, which led to her hosting the premier red carpet events.

    Now when you watch the Emmy's again look for our noble Flintstone Mrs. T-Lee strutting effortlessly across the stage. Follow TLee on IG, @tlee_ontv

  • Tony Towns

    Tony Towns has been destined to be in the limelight since his days as an actor during stage plays at Beecher High School. Now he has his show to run, Paternity Court- an MGM reality tv series.

    Prior to that Tony worked as a Executive Assistant for the President of BET. Before that he was the Production Assistant at Walt Disney Studios. I can go on and on, but one thing is consistent.

    Tony Towns wanted to work in multimedia, so Tony Towns worked in multimedia. You can do just that, whatever you put your mind to. Follow Tony on IG @t_towns