Meet James 'JT' Thigpen Jr.   James Thigpen Jr.  known as JT to most is a 25 year old Flint Native with numerous creative gifts.  He is a Graphic Artist/ Photographer who holds multiple awards for his work.  In 2011 he became a board member for Buckham Art Gallery which allowed him to do a few projects with the community.  One of which was at GVRC, a juvenile detention center where him and UM-Flint Professor of Spoken Word, Traci Currie taught youth how to channel emotion in to the art of Spoken Word.

During the day JT works for The University of Michigan-Flint as a graphic artist and photographer. the same college he received his Bachelor's Degree.  At night he runs a business by the name of Closet Studio. It is a design company that he has been growing for the past 3 years and it has been prospering more and more. When asked what's the difference between his company and others

JT said,

Closet Studio has allowed me to encourage a lot of people.  I don't think about money a lot just how I can make a person leave a consultation feeling lighter and more excited about they're vision.

He definitely has grown numerous relationships with the community because he first chose to give.

Beyond everything JT credits his relationship with God for putting him in the position he's in. He say,

I ain't the smartest, I ain't the fastest, most good looking or strongest but because I have a relationship with God I have received a harvest. Because I love to help people, people help me. I want to get even better at giving and I want to get a lot closer to God. This is success."

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