Flint has made another negative Top 10 list, and this one doesn't paint the men of Flint in a very good picture at all.  If you are a guy still living with his parents reading this, it might be time to change your scenery.

The list comes from Cody Lindquist, who writes for Reductress.com.  The list is titled 'The Top 10 Cities To Meet Men Who Still Live With Their Parents."

Flint comes in at number Six on the list, and worse than the fact that Flint landed on the list is the commentary provided by Lindquist.  She says:

This city (Flint} is one of the most depressed cities in the world and the men here are no exception. If you’re looking for a blank slate (a really blank slate), head to Michigan!

This isn't the harshest city review given on the top 10 list.  The commentary for Davenport, Iowa is about as scathing as it can get.

Before you get angry at the author for this list, keep in mind that she has most likely never been to any of the cities on this list.  And while I'm positive (sarcasm) she did hours of research for her project . . . the list is a huge load of crap.

I won't spend a lot of time telling you what I think of I think of Cody, but I do encourage you do let her know what you think of her by contacting her on her personal twitter page below.  Have fun!

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If you do happen to agree with Cody, then just remember that after 25 years old, guys aren't living with their parents . . . they're living with their "roomates!"