Rihanna has never been a woman to hide her sex appeal.  Whether it's a lingerie ad for Armani, or going topless for her own video shoot, she doesn't hold back.

Her music however has never been overly sexual, until now.

Check out what Rihanna says on her upcoming 'Talk That Talk' CD that made MTV.com call it the dirtiest pop record they've ever heard.

At one point during the track 'Birthday Cake', Rihanna announces “I wanna f*** you right now”.

The fifth track, 'Cockiness' begins with Rihanna telling her lover that “I want you to be my sex slave” and contains the refrain “I love it when you eat it.”    It doesn't stop there though Rihanna demands her guy to “Suck my cockiness and Lick my persuasion.”

On the track 'Roc Me Out', RiRi complains that “You’re taking too long to get my head on the ground / And my feet in the clouds,” before adding, “I've been a bad girl, daddy.”

So are the reviewers being prudes, or is the lyrical content a little over the top?  Maybe the preview of the album that Rihanna released on Youtube can shed some light.