Katt Williams can never be described as 'stable', but his downward spiral lately is continuing after he was dragged off stage by his own security while performing in Oakland.

The show reportedly started about an hour late and seven or eight minutes after Williams took the stage for his set, he "started acting weird," taking off his shirt and sweating a lot.

After several minutes of telling some familiar jokes, he delivered a strange monologue, with no jokes, about God and spending time in Oakland.

Katt finally lost it when he started challenging a heckler to come onstage and fight him before a security guard then hauled Williams backstage, away from the stage's edge.

Finally, Too Short and  Suge Knight stepped in at the end explaining that Katt is on cocaine from Oakland and it was too much for him.

Is Katt finally hitting rock bottom?  Be warned that this video is very NSFW!

Here's another angle.