Facebook is making some major changes with your Profile Page, Timeline and more. You can keep track of how many friends you have, who's doing what and now 'Who Unfriend's You?'

According to MakeUseOf.com, there is a new app that can be downloaded into Facebook that will actually track who has recently “unfriended” you from Facebook.  According to the site:

Unfriend Finder is a user script that adds some simple functionalities to Facebook. Namely, seeing who unfriended you, and seeing a list of your pending friend requests – another thing Facebook doesn’t officially let you see.

The installation process depends on the browser you’re using (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and IE are supported). Visit the help section for specific instructions for your browser. For Chrome, you will only have to install an extension. For Firefox, you will have to first install Greasemonkey, and then install the script. After installation, you will see a new menu called “Unfriends“.

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