It’s embarrassing enough to be arrested for flashing your junk at unsuspecting passers-by but when the junk you’re showing off isn’t even yours, that’s just a little sad.

Jacob Lee Bovia, 28, of Maryland was recently busted after Annapolis Police say he spent a week driving around a community college campus and exposing what turned out to be phony naughty bits to horrified female students.

The ladies reported the incidents at several locations at or near the school, and when cops saw a guy “acting suspicious” in a car matching the description given, Bovia was stopped and found to be “in possession of fake genitalia.”

We’re assuming the goods he was putting out there for public inspection were male, so dude, why not man up and use your own home-grown parts? The punishment is just the same, and you won’t have to explain why you have a rubber likeness of John Holmes in your glove compartment.


Oh. Now we get it.

[Via WUSA-9]