Now, that is a load of crap… literally. A Michigan zoo is now selling the poop of exotic animals in an attempt to raise money for the facility.

The Associated Press reports that the Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek recently launched a program entitled “Zoo Doo,” in which individuals, hopefully gardeners, can purchase steaming piles of dung from over 20 different wild animals, including antelope, giraffe and zebra.

Zoo officials say all of the compost comes from herbivores in order to prevent the spread of disease. "We don’t include carnivore or monkey poop,” says Jenny Barnett, Director of Wildlife, Conservation & Education.

A truckload of exotic animal feces will cost $25 for zoo members and $30 for everyone else. Interested parties should ask for zookeeper, Hot Carl at the front gate. <-- No, don’t actually do that.