When being trendy goes wrong.  A parole violator was arrested after posting his ice bucket challenge on Facebook.  Criminals need to stay away from social media.  

Jesean Morris, 20 years old, was arrested by police after being wanted for violating his parole stemming from 2010 where he was involved in a shoot out that left two men seriously injured.  Morris was released on parole in March but police has not been able to locate him lately.

A tipster informed the police they saw Morris on Facebook doing the popular ice bucket challenge that raises awareness for Lou Gehrig's Disease.  Police reviewed the video and was able to identify the location of Morris.  Police pulled him over during a traffic stop after seeing him leave the property where he did the challenge.

Moral of the story, stay away from social media if you're wanted by the police.  It does not look like Morris will be able to make his donation to ALS anytime soon.