Yesterday I gave you the five best places to find singles in Flint.  Delivering the positive list first was a must but it is time to balance things out.  The seven worst places in Flint to find singles was much easier than yesterday's post and funnier.  If you're looking for love in Flint, please do not pick up anyone in these areas.  Good luck my friend.

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    Strip Clubs

    The strip clubs came to mind first for the obvious reasons.  Do you think you're going to change her mind about leaving her job?  Working at a strip club is poor choice in career development and displays the lack of strong life skills.  If you're looking for REAL love, stay away from picking up someone in a strip club, trust me.

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    County Jail

    Everyone in life makes mistakes and deserves some support in turning their life around while behind bars.  Visiting hours are filled with friends and loves of incarcerated individuals.  Please don't take this opportunity of visiting someone in jail to find love.  Make your visit short and sweet and don't make eye contact with anyone except jail officials.  If you don't look at jail officials, they will think you're up to some thing.

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    Public Transportation Terminal

    Everyone is not fortunate to have their own mode of transportation in Flint and that is okay.  Public transportation is normal in major cities.  However it is not a good idea to look for love in a MTA Bus Terminal in Flint.  If you both don't have a car, it won't work for long.  You want someone who can help you improve your life and not keep it the same, stay away for the bus station.  Do not give out the digits at the MTA Bus Terminal in downtown Flint.

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    Anywhere along side Dort HWY

    Looking for love along side Dort Hwy shows that you're mentally ill.  There is nothing good coming from searching for someone who is single on the side of the road on Dort Hwy.  If you do decide to put your life on the line and find love on Dort Hwy know this, you're going to find a drug addict, prostitute, undercover prostitute police officer, and/or all the above.  Stay away from love on Dort Hwy.  Thank me later.

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    Free Health Clinics

    Free Health Clinics are red flags for several reasons.  If someone is there for a check up, they probably do not have health insurance.  They're probably getting treated for STDs.  Lastly, they could be there for an abortion.  Regardless of your stance on abortion, are you willing to look for love at free health clinics in Flint?  I didn't think so.

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    Any Business With Bulletproof Glass

    Flint has tons of businesses with bulletproof glass and I try my best not to shop there but sometimes it is convenient.  While shopping at a business with bulletproof glass, you run the risk of safety issues.  Plus, do you think you will find your soul-mate in a store with bulletproof glass?  Prince charming will not find you their ladies.  I'm sorry.

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    McCree Building

    Looking for love in the McCree building is nothing but the devil.  There are only a few reason why anyone besides employees are even inside or hangout around the McCree Building.  They're either there for a probation check up, child support hearing, applying for a Bridge Card, and/or have a date with one of the district courts.  Basically, you will not find quality love at the McCree Building. If you're okay with that, by all means get it in. Just don't say LV didn't warn you.