Shaquille O'Neal has Sleep Apnea, something he didn't know that he had until his girlfriend Nikki "Hoopz" Alexander convinced him to go get himself checked out. Apparently he snores... Which I could only imagine how loud it has to be! Hoopz says that there were times where she would roll over and see him not breathing for a moment while sleep. See what Harvard Medical School had to say to the Diesel!

First off I know, I know, I know... How did Shaq score such a cute young thang? Oh, wait you're asking how did she score him? I don't know but in all honesty it seems to work. I actually met "Hoopz" about 5 years ago right after she had won "Flava of love" working for another station. She's MAD COOL! And not like other Reality Stars. She LOVES basketball and is all about her family (she's got like 6 sisters!) Yet and still I think she may have lucked out with Shaq. I just hope she likes kids because he's got quite a few.

Back to the Sleep Apnea. This is a serious matter and effects more people than you think. Some people who are overweight have to be careful with this. It could cause diabetes, heart conditions and even could be fatal. Shaq got it checked out and now is wearing a Mask. Hopefully this works out for him. Oh, and yes they have a reality show coming soon... Read about it here!