Soulja Boy was arrested on Tuesday after a traffic stop in Georgia.

Police pulled over Soulja Boy's (DeAndre Cortez) Escalade for a routine traffic stop near the Alabama state border.

They discovered an undisclosed amount of marijuana, cash and a few pistols in the truck.  The good news is that the police also found a puppy in the SUV (rumors that lollipops and rainbows were in the glove box cannot be confirmed).

All four men were arrested on felony drug and weapons charges, then released after posting bond.

This comes at a bad time for Soulja Boy who is working on the release of his life story, 'Soulja Boy: The Movie'.  Depending on the amount of drugs found in the car, he could be facing some real trouble.

Police wouldn't confirm the specific amount, only that there was enough to warrant a felony charges.

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