Chinese IKEA Stores Experiencing Bizarre Behavior From Customers
Freeloading has gone to another level with Chinese IKEA stores experiencing bizarre behavior from customers.  If you shop for furniture, you should go out and get a up close and personal experience but not to the point of sleeping on the furniture as if you already own it.
Want To Live In 258 Square Feet Of Luxury? [Video]
When Christian Schallert first showed his mother the apartment he had bought in Barcelona, she wasn’t sure what he had gotten himself into. The apartment, no bigger than a single room in an American house, was tiny, dark and dank. But not for long.
How Popular Is IKEA? Here’s Some Info You Should Know.
It is rumored that the reclusive founder of IKEA, Ingvar Kamprad is worth more than Bill Gates.
There are IKEA stores on seven continents, and there is no real sign of slowing down.  So how popular are they?
Well, just ask the millions of people who were conceived on IKEA beds!