Michigan Denies Medical Marijuana for Autism
Michigan’s medical marijuana program has taken another hit. Earlier last week, a proposal that would have allowed medicinal cannabis to be used to treat patients with autism was rejected by one of the state’s top regulatory officials.
10 Famous People With Autism [Video]
Autism was first given notice in 1943 by Dr Leo Kanner.
No one is particularity sure what causes autism, but we now know that it is quite common, and that 1 our of 68 children have autism.
Study Links Flu During Pregnancy to Autism
What exactly causes autism is still uncertain, but researchers are investigating the possibility that a mother having the flu while she is pregnant may increase the likelihood of her child being born with the condition.
Dad Secretly Records Teachers Verbally Abusing His Autistic Son [Video]
New Jersey dad Stuart Chaifetz was confused when reports that his Autistic son Akian, had become violent in his school.  In an effort to find out what exactly was going on he hid an audio recorder on his son and sent him to school.
Shockingly, he discovered that a teacher and a teacher’s aide were ve…