Spider-Man Vs. Batman [Video]
Two of the more iconic comic book characters have to a very rich secretive playboy, and a very nerdy high schooler who lives with his aunt, who struggles to pay rent. Bruce Wayne vs.Peter Parker or as we all know them Batman vs. Spider-Man is sure to be a epic battle.
Freestyle Battle Leads to Violent Battle (NSFW) [VIDEO]
We all remember the final battle in 8 Mile -- B-Rabbit comes correct and wipes out the competition! Since then every white rapper dreams of the day he can flow in a battle like B-Rabbit. Introducing Franco, he goes to battle with Capitol Hill; Captiol Hill puts on his :30 and hands the mic to Franco…
Big Jab The Sunday Night Freestyle Champ 10-0 [Audio]
Big Jab is undefeated in the Sunday Night Freestyle. The first time big jab got on the mic he's devastated every opponent in his path. Battling since he was 17  Joseph "Big Jab Gamache is a veteran in the freestyle game. There's a huge difference between good and GREAT! If you need a sample of …
Daichi Probably The Best Beatboxer You Don’t Know [Video]
Daichi is submitting his video to enter the Beatbox battle wildcard. What is it you say? Well from the very very very accurate information that I have gathered, It's seems to be an underground Beatbox competition to the death. Two competitors enter only one leaves, and Daichi has never lost. I hear …
Club 93-7 Get’s Served!!!
Fynul Destination may have won the Dance Competition... But that was faaaaar from the end, watch the best battle  you've ever seen!!! Peep..
Nas Talks “Lost Tapes Vol. 2″
Can't wait for the Nas' "The Lost Tapes: Vol. 2", but the set could lead to a battle with his label, Def Jam. Nas said he intends to release the project as part of a special-edition version of his next album, which is due out later this year.