Dad Does a Crazy Freestyle [Video]
I know most dads can be, and usually are embarrassing, but once every century one dad will define the odds.
This regular dad who calls himself "just a crazy dad" freestyle to this instrumental about how he is a "cool dad".
Dancing Dad Dances Awesomely [Video]
It's ironic that some of the things that make the best dads are also some of the most embarrassing things for their kids.
The ability to sit, smile and dance is definitely a quality of a great dad.
Coolest Dad Ever Modifies His Son’s Old Car [Video]
This Dad decides it's time to modify his son's old lighting McQueen car and bring it some new life!
This is isn't your typical Toy's R Us upgrade either. Dad and son get down and dirty to make this ride something to feared on the playground.

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