Drake Went At Pusha-T During His D.C. Show [Poll]
Lil Wayne dropped his Pusha T diss track last week in response to Pusha's "Exodus 23:1". Drake was the target of that joint, so he finally spoke up during a show over the weekend.
Drizzy was in at the Washington D.C. stop on his Club Paradise when he told the crowd:
Diggy Responds To J.Cole Diss [Video]
Diggy talks about his beef with J.Cole and how this whole thing started. J.Cole apparently said some things about Diggy's sister and this obviously pissed him off.
I just find it funny that this is happening now. Diggy mentions that this happened over a year ago and just now his diss to J.Cole is jus…
Ludacris ‘Bada Boom’ [Video]
Ludacris finally fires back at Drake and Big Sean with this track 'Bada Boom'.
Do you remember when Drake said that rappers are stealing his rap style? Then he mention a line that Ludacris said in 'My Chick Bad', well that kinda pissed luda off a bit. It took him a while though to fire back. Maybe to…
Soulja Boy Dissed Army Troops In New Song [Video]
Soulja Boy is causing major controversy after a veteran accused him of making derogatory comments about the military in his new song. Soulja dropped a video for his new track "Let's Be Real", which contains the lyrics: "F**k the FBI and the army troops, fighting for what? Be your …
Lil Kim Disses Nicki Minaj on New Track “Black Friday”
Lil Kim responds to Nicki Minaj's Roman revenge!
To say it lightly Lil Kim is pissed!! Releasing her track "Black Friday" in response to Nicki Minaj's "Roman Revenge". Lil Kim fires shots not only at Nicki Minaj but also at Drake and Young Money...