TV Anchor Responds To An Email Where She Is Called Obese [Video]
Jennifer Livingston, a TV news anchor, took a moment to reply to an email she received that criticized her for being overweight and setting bad example for kids watching.  The response has blown up on the Internet as a hero for the anti-bullying campaign drawing international attention.
Dad Reacts To His Daughter Calling Him Fat [Video]
A dad reacts to his 5-yr-old daughter calling him fat and saying she doesn't like him. Not only that her friends make fun of her dad for being fat.
Well Daddy has a few words to say to his daughter and her friends. Just remember, his daughter is 5, and he said all this in front of her face. I co…
Men Are More Insecure About Their Body Than Women
American men are officially more insecure about their body image than women according to a new study.
The Guardian found 80.7% of men, or more than four in five, admit they have body image issues.  Only 75% of women in the survey said the same thing.
That is far from the most shocking thing tha…
Fat Kid Dances In A Speedo [Video]
I know it's not nice or politically correct to call this little kid fat, but it's also not nice for him to dance around in his speedo either.
I'm going to imagine that this is his parents way of getting him physically active.
They went the extra mile to find a way that their son would enjoy exercise.
Two Overweight Women Ride the ‘Wheelchair Train’ [VIDEO]
Whats sexier than one big woman so physically overweight that she can't even walk? Two very overweight women riding in wheelchairs! Oh wait I'm not done yet. What's the most lazy thing you could do if your overweight and in a wheel chair? Just watch this video and find out.
Same Grill, Different Frame!
Paul Wall Reveals admits going under the knife, and losing more than 100 pounds.
Wall's decided on surgery after reps for VH1's "Celebrity Fit Club" were contacting him about coming on the show. Paul says, "that was a h*ll of a wake-up call". See what …