Michigan Man Punched His Fiance For Kissing Another Woman
A 40-year-old Michigan man had been celebrating his fiance's birthday with another couple. They were highly intoxicated when the two women kissed, the man started punching his fiance, so the other woman stepped in and punched him. The other woman grabbed a frying pan and hit the suspect in th…
Snackman Breaks Up Fight On NYC Subway [Video]
A YouTube video shows a guy breaking up a fight on a subway train while snacking on a bag of chips. People are calling him "Snackman". The video shows a man and a woman fighting, exchanging kicks and bad words.
The situation could have gotten worse if it weren't for "Snackman". T…
Massive Brawl At High School Caught On Camera [Video]
Another major brawl broke out at a notorious Texas high school. It broke out in the cafeteria with students throwing wild punches, pouring milk all over other kids.
It's just one of the many fights that have occurred at the school recently.  Last fall pepper spray was used to break up a large scale…
Dean College Students Expelled After Posting Fight Online [Video]
Six students have been expelled from Dean College in Massachusetts, after a student was beaten up in an attack that was recorded on video. The video was posted online and shows a man punching another man, knocking him to the ground while beating him with his own sneakers.
The fight appears to have be…
Woman Beats Up Boyfriend In The Street [Video]
Domestic Violence is never funny, except for the rare occasions when the attacker gets what they deserve.
This 'wannabe' tough guy runs into a problem when he finds out that his pimp hand is not as strong as he thought it was.

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