The Cutest Dance Recital Fight You Will Ever See [Video]
If you've ever seen the movie 'Black Swan' then you know that the world of dance can be a very competitive, cut throat industry.
These two year old dancing princesses know what's on the line for their future, and things get a little out of hand on stage!
Most Bar Fights Start On The Dance Floor
A new study has found that the dance floor is the most likely place for a fight to start inside of a bar or nightclub.
There are a ton of factors that go into why, but it probably all has to do with that one guy trying to clear room so he can do the worm . . . damn I hate that guy!
Baseball Fight Leads To Cheap Shot [Video]
A college baseball game between Yavapai and Scottsdale Community Colleges got ugly last weekend after a fight broke out.
A fight in baseball is nothing unusual, but the cheap shot pulled by Yavapai's Austin O' Such was criminal.
Angry Woman Takes On Biker [Video]
A woman gets pissed at a biker and tries to run him over. I don't know what the argument was about but damn lady!
Did you really have to try and kill the guy? I mean she really tried to kill this guy.
Nothing is more dangerous than a woman in a car with a attitude. Someone in bound to get hurt.
Jim Jones Rushes Audience Member For Throwing A Cup [Video]
Jim Jones just hit up Twitter a few days ago to apologize to his son for the way he acted during a fight outside of a Diddy party in Connecticut.
Two days later he was arrested for driving on a suspended license, and now this video pops up online.  I hope his kid doesn't hold a grudge.
Huge Girl Fight At MotorCity Casino In Detroit [Video]
A huge girl fight that happened in the food court at the MotorCity Casino in Detroit on Monday is being dubbed the 'MotorCity Melee'.
While many of us have wanted to fight someone after seeing the $11 hamburger at MotorCity, I have a feeling that this is about something else.
Gary Felton is …
Salsa Dancing Giants Fan Gets Punched By Patriots Fans [Video]
Let's talk about decisions for a second.  More specifically, the difference between a good decision and a bad decision.
Celebrating your favorite teams Super Bowl win after the game is usually a good decision.
It can quickly turn bad though as this young man demonstrates on camera.

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